I Rock Because...

Debbie Becker
Book Corner Cafe

Accomplishments: First Joining OSI Rock Stars. I knew I needed to have a business logo done which Jennifer at Sitting Boo Productions did for me. I met Dany Byrne there who set up my website www.bookcornercafe.com and I also became a life member of Web Sellers' Circle. I went from shutting down my Ebay store in Aug to a good amount of sales in Nov and Dec all because of what I learned at OSI Rock Stars and Web Sellers' Circle.

Goals: In 2010 I look forward to learning more and focusing on my online business. I plan to increase sales on the venues I sell on and also am looking into affiliate marketing and FBA through Amazon.

Jen Nold
1 Pet's Palace

Accomplishments: In 2009 we watched our sales grow and our customer base expand. Our store was on auto-pilot much of the beginning of the year since we took time out to mentor a High School Robotics Team. We found that with the organization and marketing skills we learned through OSI Rock Stars, we were able to handle both large tasks (our store and the team) and still make a profit with our store. We have implemented many of the 5-star customer service/marketing ideas we learned on OSI Rock Stars and have watched our return customers increase as well as word of mouth customers. OSI Rock Stars not only helped us with the success of our store, but with the success of marketing our team!!!

Goals: In 2010 we would like to expand our business in other markets. We would also like to open a store for our Robotics team to help fund their future. We have so much more to learn about our own website but OSI Rock Stars has given us the guidance we need to make it happen!!

Charlene Anderson
Purveyor of All Things Creative

Accomplishments: Was being selected Designer of the Year by Step by Step Wire Magazine. This means that I will have a feature article along with several jewelry projects in each of the five issues of the magazine in 2010. I worked hard developing a relationship with the editorial staff, and pitched the idea to them late last summer. As of today, projects for three of the issues are finished, and the first will be published early January 2010.

Goals: Increasing sales by 10%, having my jewelry appear on the cover of a magazine, and to have a one woman show in a gallery here in Jackson, Wyoming.

Jim & Kelli Shaw

Accomplishments: Has been successful diversification of product lines, selling venues and business processes. We now sell on various online platforms, reaching a broader audience which has enabled us to add to our product offerings. We have also brought on board team members that allow us to run the business more efficiently.

Goals: To remain a profitable business, serving a specialized group of shoppers. We intend to grow the business by increasing our offerings and employing at least one more team member. We are also determined to complete construction of and move into our new 2400 sq foot business building that is located on our property.

Lisa Hansen
Original Findings on eBay
Original Findings on Etsy
Vineyard Creek Original Findings
Original Findings on ArtFire

Accomplishments: I did a 9 week success class with OSI Rock Stars and all the changes that were made and done with the class has increased my business by 30%. You can leave this part out but I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to do another class!!! - Thank you Thank you.

Goals: We will be moving our business out of our home and in to a warehouse establishment and are planning on employing some of our local high school/young college students to teach them the trade of jewelry making and business management.

Tara Harris
ePorium Eclectic

Accomplishments: I feel one of my biggest advantages has been finding OSI Rock Stars. With the knowledge and support of OSI Rock Stars, I have gained focus and currently have sold 102 items totaling over $5000 in ebay sales since I started my ebay Antiques, Vintage & Collectibles business in July 2009.

Goals: Increasing my ebay sales to at least $500 weekly and to utilize the OSI Rock Stars website more.

Kathy Eickholt
Catlady Kate's Glass
Catlady Kate's on eBay
Catlady Kate's Depression Glass

Accomplishments: I doubled my sales by focusing on target niches where there is less competition and few compete on price, sourcing specific products that sell for above average prices. I learned the power of keywords and revamped my categories and product titles to align to words people use to find my products. I learned to market and drive business to my sites by positioning myself as an expert - increasing safety and security for buyers - and building a sense of community by positioning my stores as places people shop who enjoy vintage glass. Even though my sales doubled I was able to reduce my fees compared to a year ago by better balancing sales formats and venues and by getting the eBay top seller 20% discount. Most important accomplishment is I am confident that I can grow my business by applying sound sourcing, branding and marketing to these and other niches because I know how to think through business fundamentals to create and grow a business.

Goals: Launch BANS stores for "How to Sell Glass", depression glass, frugal wedding/bridal, fancy kids clothes and get net income of $10,000 from affiliate marketing. Finish realigning my inventory to match my niches and goals and build my Facebook site Depression Glass Fun as a core part of my marketing by setting it as the glass lovers community page. Start selling on Etsy as ElegantDepressionGlass.com

Jennifer Foster
Scarlett Collectibles

Accomplishment: I have made the most profit I have ever made in one year. This year, I have found out who it is that I want to be and what I want out of business.

Goals: I have outlined what it is I want out my business and now that I have a plan, 2010 can be an even bigger success.

Kat Simpson
Kat's Kloset

Accomplishments: 2009 was a great year for Kat's Kloset as we began the growth process of spreading into a wider space via networking and social media. Attending the ECMTA (eCommerce Merchant's Trade Association) annual event in Atlanta enabled us to make contacts across many sales platforms and begin using Social Media to introduce ourselves to a huge audience. Following that, by attending the eBay Radio Anniversary Program in Las Vegas was a great way to introduce the business to some of the eBay executives who attended. Over all, our expansion into Social Networking has enabled a whole new marketing area for us.

Goals: To work consistently on our website to create a more Customer Friendly experience. We have hired a designer to work with us on this project, beginning in February. We will also be expanding our inventory throughout 2010.

Brenda Bienlein
Bienlein Design Finds


I became a PowerSeller in April and Top Rated Seller and have been able to keep that status every month since.

  • I grew my business from having 300 items in my store in January to over 700 items in December.

  • Became active on FaceBook and developed a fan page for my store www.facebook.com/pages/BienleinDesign-Finds

  • Feedback has been holding at 100% with over 3100 positive comments. DSR has been a steady 4.9 in all 5 areas.

  • Continued to learn to improve my business from my fellow Rock Stars!


  • Expand into Amazon

  • Give drop shipping a try

  • Improve my eBay newsletter and blog

I know my sales have soared too but have not yet figured out what that percentage is.

Carolyn CJ Jacinto
XOXmas ebay store

Accomplishments: We started the year down 24% in sales in January, to currently running up 400% per month over last year, and becoming Gold PowerSellers once again...Using the power of eBay, a local San Clemente residents found us to help sell Surefire Flashlights, a carnival chalkware collection, Anastacia's Rock Star clothing, some estate treasures for the San Clemente Historical Society...and more.

Goals: Set our sales goal high enough to pay the bills and buy an new RV, and help pay for my daughters wedding in May 2010.

Brandi Rhodes
Bunnies Bridal and More

Accomplishments: Utilizing social media to grow and build my business to become an eBay Top Seller. Social Media has helped me grow and build relationships with my customers to be able to efficiently and effectively meet their buying needs.

Goals: To be able to expand my line of inventory of products while still being able to provide great prices and excellent customer service.

Lee Richards
Paper to Love

Accomplishments: After selling on eBay for several years as Paper to Love (PowerSeller and Top-rated Seller status), opened two new off-eBay websites. LeicaMagazines.com is now the largest resource on the web for back issue Leica magazines, and the list of other publications (instruction manuals, brochures, books, etc) is growing.

Goals: Plan to move the hosting venue for MovieFanCollectibles after the New Year and grow it from the current 2500 products to at least 10,000 (hopefully 20,000) before the next Christmas shopping season. I will also be significantly increasing our inventory of used and new books available on eBay and Half.com.

Beth Cherkowsky

Accomplishments: Besides maintaining my sales level in spite of the recession/depression of the economy, my best accomplishment in 2009 has been the start-up of (with Kat Simpson and Melinda Jackson ) http://www.therivertheranchandthebay.com and our Podcast on Talkshoe radio http://www.rrbradio.com. We've grown from something like 3 listeners to almost 200 downloads a week. I'm very proud of both the co-hosts and even though Kat retired in August, Melinda and I have continued the show and grown it. And I think we provide good ecommerce information to folks every week.

Goals: To grow my ecommerce business by 10 % over 2009's levels thru more diversification & alternative streams of income, including by monetizing the RRBradio.com podcast more so it pays for itself.

Cheryl Moore
Green Castle Designs

Accomplishments: I decided to start Green Castle Designs in May of 2009 in order to provide families with inexpensive, yet unique, Birthday Party Invitations without having to wait 2 or 3 weeks for them. Within the first 3 months, I became an eBay Powerseller and have a great Feedback rating.

Goals: One of my main business goals is to expand my product offerings with different themes and branch out into labels, bookmarks, and other stationery items. Another goal is to create an ecommerce store outside of eBay and also to expand it to full time and hire my first employee (or two).

Linda Vann Odom
Antique Mall OK


  1. Opening an eBay Store to complement the brick and mortar store located in Tulsa, OK and purchasing several domain names including the name of the brick and mortar store (which I do not own) so they all send shoppers to my website.

  2. Just completing a very nice estate sale in the "moneyed" part of Tulsa, and pulling out one item, a bronze sculpture that I found a buyer for out-of-state (museum), that is purchasing the piece for $30,000. My client had offered the sculpture to her family with no takers. I hope this will bring me more local business in the elite of Tulsa Estates.

  3. Continuing my education with OSI Rock Stars, which has prompted me to write more and do a business plan.


  1. To present a more professional webpage, by hiring a professional designer and to learn more about the internet (blogging, etc.)

  2. To re-open the remodeled brick and mortar store (which has been closed since 10-31-2009 because of Highway expansion) and resume a physical location for Antique sales and Estate Sales.

  3. To hire a part-time assistant to remove the "worker bee" jobs from my schedule and keep me on the path of the part of the business that I love and that I do BEST!

Jimmy Stewart
Radio Computer Supply

Accomplishments: We have been able to acquire more wholesale inventory, including factory direct purchase with drop ship, to sell on line. We have also took the plunge and made the move from 100% relying on eBay as single sales source to now Amazon giving us more coverage and sales with less hassle.

Goals: We intend to build our Amazon offering and continue look at other avenues to boost internet sales.

Debbie Wieder

Accomplishments: Finally joining OSI Rockstars. Realizing that I needed mentoring and help to grow my business and to keep up with the constant changes in ecommerce. To surround myself with positive like minded entrepreneurs. I also had the highest sales to date.

Goals: To make working my business a top priority. I will put in more organized hours so that I can triple my sales in 2010.

Maida Webster

Accomplishments: We are fabulous at product sourcing, but were falling behind in getting everything listed which was frustrating. Finally hired someone to help me with the listing which has been a huge relief. ALSO, have made a point of sourcing higher price collectibles inventory and increased our average selling price.

Goals: Increase our sell-through rate (approx 42%) AND figure out how to better manage the unsold inventory.

Janet Zeh
Zeh Original Art

Accomplishments: 2009 was the year I focused on the online part of my business. For several years, my online presence consisted of small daily paintings which I sold at auction on eBay while maintaining a daily blog about the paintings. During the past year, after joining OSI Rock Stars, I set up a functional website for not only displaying my artwork, but selling it - with the addition of an email newsletter which is growing in subscribers. Also in 2009, I opened an eBay store which greatly enhances my eBay business.

Goals: My main business goal for 2010 has to do with my website - I'd like to add more "life" to it and make it a place where people will return again and again through the addition of video and user generated content.

Sue George
The Golf Gal

Accomplishments: I just started my eBay store this year so my biggest accomplishment is simply taking the plunge, not procrastinating and just doing it! I armed myself with hours and hours of education and research. I tested the waters, found a niche that worked for me....and I was off!

Goals: To make this business venture a financial success. So I am planning to get my first eBay store perfect and add on several additional niche stores this year so I hopefully never have to go back to a corporate job where layoffs are always possible. I would like my financial future in my own hands this time!

Dave Bosely
Artwork On Tile
Artwork On Tile Design Catalog Site
Artwork On Tile eBay Store

Accomplishments: Expanded our presence on Amazon from under 100 tile backsplash murals to over 900 becoming the largest mural seller on Amazon.com. Launched an ecommerce store (ArtworkOnTile.net) to complement our catalog of designs website (ArtworkOnTile.com). Doubled the number of signature artists offering their original artwork on tile to over 50.

Goals: Double the size of e-Commerce Store and Amazon.com presence. Expand number clients we do production for. Develop offline electronic catalog (CD/DVD).

Susan Leswing
Country Shade Bookshop & Emporium

Accomplishments: The two biggest accomplishments for me this year have been establishing Country Shade Bookshop & Emporium and finding a community of experienced ecommerce leaders. Most sales for Country Shade are made online through my eBay store. Selling online is a perfect fit, allowing me to work around my physical limitations and connect to international and urban buyers without leaving my rural hometown. Janelle Elms and the Online Success Institute community saved me from myself when I was overwhelmed by the vast potential of internet retailing. I stopped wasting time searching for fragmented answers and chasing energy-consuming gurus when I found a reliable source of comprehensive information and joined the OSI Rock Stars.

Goals: During the coming year my goals are to build and assess the business structure and practices that are necessary for success. This includes the development of a business plan and marketing strategy as well as continued refinement of accounting and purchasing procedures.

Carla Tee 
Shop4UniqueGifts Business

Accomplishments: With social media marketing taking a surge for online marketers I wanted to reach out more and develop a more enriching community for online sellers. By using sites such as eBay groups, twitter, facebook, and my blogs I was able to do that. I was also able to institute 1 on 1 sessions with members in the eBay group that I founded. This was really helpful in that I gained the most by connecting on a more deeper level therefore building a more sound line of trust with my online community.

Goals: Establish a membership site for teaching e-tail entrepreneurship, finish writing a marketing book, and continue my future success as a new educational specialist.

Melinda Jackson
Galleria Gifts
The River, The Ranch and The Bay

Accomplishments: My best accomplishments of 2009 are my two radio shows &website for RRBradio.com, and completing my training by eBay and became an Education Specialist. I am very committed to helping others succeed in ecommerce on eBay & beyond, and these things help me towards that goal. I love my radio show that lets me reach so many ecommerce sellers and help them their business!!

Goals: To further that endeavor, and develop my online education presence, promote and market my ecommerce radio shows, and monetize and market my website. In addition, I plan to crank up my online selling with some new product lines as well.

Reva Sandmeyer Smith
Arevaderci Store
Arevaderci eBay Store

Accomplishments: Ordering Profitable eBay Stores and joining OSI Rock Stars (just yesterday). I have started to listen to the series and I am so excited to complete it and implement these extremely helpful suggestions.

Goals: To be part of the one percent and to thrive on being successful. I'm ready to "ROCK!"

Carol Hearn
Wandering Creek Antiques
Wandering Creek Jewelry
Wandering Creek Jewels

Accomplishments: Surviving this difficult year with a positive attitude and sales about the same as 2008 is my biggest accomplishment. Challenges have included significant ebay rules changes, big increases in USPS rates for 2 and 3-pound packages (making it VERY difficult to include free shipping), and more than a few stressed-out customers who are strapped for cash but still want to buy.

Expanding to Etsy is another accomplishment.

Qualifying for the Top Seller Badge on ebay was also important in 2009 - especially since the rules were not announced in advance although the time period covered for my sales level went back 12 months. I'm not sure how much difference this makes, but since not a lot of jewelry sellers qualify for it, I suspect that it makes a difference to some customers.

Goals: My biggest 2010 goal is to get serious about my own web site and SEO for it. I also want to increase my Etsy sales since the lower commission there automatically increasing profit by 8 1/2%.

A long-term goal I hope to begin to accomplish in 2010 is to reduce my non-jewelry inventory substantially, since the cost of shipping makes heavier items harder to sell.

Maryann Lowden
Good Buys All the Time

Accomplishments: Maintaining "Top Rated Seller" Status on eBay

Goals: Since I have recently moved to a new State 1200 miles from where I was established as an Education Specialist trained by eBay, My primary goal is to reach out to my new community in Tennessee and make myself known.

Sharon & John Ware
Dandelion Consulting
Dandy Rubber Stamps and Crafts

Accomplishments: Our Dandelion Consulting business has grown tremendously. This year, we added two international clients to our portfolio and now manage two other client's eBay Stores. In addition to our main focus of setting up eBay Stores and doing Store make-overs, John and I are thrilled to have listed over 850 items in our Dandy Rubber Stamps and Crafts eBay Store these past two months, and sales are starting to increase daily. We look forward to a new year of continued growth.

Goals: To continue building our Dandelion Consulting business and serving our clients worldwide. In addition, we have great plans to grow not only our own eBay sites (Dandy Rubber Stamps and Crafts and Station 4 Collectibles), but the clients sites we manage as well. We will continue to learn all we can. Find ways to work smarter and make better business decisions for our future.

Cindy Hamilton

Accomplishments: The business accomplishment I am most proud of is growing Twirl Planet to multiple selling channels. Twirl Planet began as an eBay Store, but recently launched an independent website in addition to a storefront on Amazon.com.

Goals: Increased volume of repeat customers and increased targeted traffic through the use of newsletters, blogging, FaceBook ads, and other online social marketing.

Henry & Patricia Neff
Buck Creek Marketing

Accomplishments: We became eBay PowerSellers and eBay Top Rated Sellers. Increased our sales year-over-year by 600%. Authored a book titled How To Sell Books on eBay. Developed a software application for eBay Sellers.

Goals: Launch the software application developed in 2009 and published the book written in 2009. Triple our sales volume. Create a new business plan, revamp our eBay store and launch 1 off eBay web site.

Kristin Bowen
Kristin's Great Finds

Accomplishments: We added a level of professionalism that takes us to the "next step". Our store home page was given a professional makeover and custom pages were added. Our logo was revamped too. The new store page makes our ebay store easier to navigate and draws in our client. We wanted a cleaner, crisper look and feel our designer achieved this perfectly.

Goals: We plan to expand into utilizing personal media market, a business newsletter, and pay per click ads. Through these avenues, we hope to educate our clients on the benefits to be found with the brands we carry and the ease of shopping our site. Hassle free shopping won't get better than shopping with us.

Diane Bell
Worldwide Traders Online

Accomplishments: Branded Latin American niche eBay store, that is included in a new book, The eBay Marketing Bible". Expanded selling channel to include Bonanzle, engaged graphics designer to create Etsy marketing presence for 2010 launch of my own line of Day of the Dead rubber stamps and Latin inspired jewelry. (a rubber stamp store wants to carry my stamps) Being an OSI Rock Star gave me the tools to successfully run my business while handling a family crisis.

Goals: Finish word press website, consistent blogging, increase social media marketing, and differentiate by adding my own products across multiple sales channels.

Anne Gormely
Brown Dog Treasures, Inc

Accomplishments: In 2009 the recession hit a lot of businesses hard. We need to invest in more products, but couldn't get financing, our licensed sports manufacturer need to increase sales or risk loosing her licensing but she couldn't afford to hire more sales staff. We collaborated and provided product on consignment. We stocked them at Amazon and solved both our problems. She gets steady monthly income and we have the products needed without having to mortgage the house!

Goals: We are going to install a new, more efficient, more SEO friendly shopping cart at Brown Dog Treasures along with a much needed facelift. We also hope to improve the quality of our three most successful Amazon web stores. The College Dog Store, The Yankee Dog and Fenway Dog.

Barbara Voron
Not Just Wigs

Accomplishments: I have been self employed since 1988. I always thought the longer I worked at it the easier it would get. The opposite is true. My biggest accomplishment for 2009 is that we are still here and I have managed to keep my employees still working. I have long time employees and it weighs heavy on me that their security depends on my business.

Goals: To publish my e-book about hair extensions, update my website, and get to the beach at least once a week this summer.